Jindal PPR-C Pipes

Key Features

    JINDAL PPR Pipes and Fittings are made of best quality virgin POLYPROPYLENE RANDOM CO-POLYMER (PPRC) Polymers which is a high molecular weight polymer and contains stabilization package in order to prevent thermal degradation of material during the piping processing and to provide outstanding performance during the usage of pipe. It has chemical resistance during the usage as transferring other liquid chemicals also. 

    RAW MATERIAL: used in manufacturing Jindal PPR Pipes & Fittings 

    Sr.No. Raw Material Used
    PP-Random Copolymer
    UV Stabilizer Additive
    Antioxidant Additive
    Color Masterbatch.

    Features Of Jindal PPR Pipes & Fittings  
    Widely used in distribution of water / drinking water installation in Residential area as it is not detrimental to human health. It's Hygenic and Odourless. There is no bacterial or Fungal Growth and no Contamination.
    Resistant to heat or cold. No need for insulation against heat. Withstands temperature range 2 Degree Census to 90 Degree Census. Keeps inner climate constant.
    Endures to climatic condition.
    Resistant to corrosion, does not rust or decay, No scaling or calcification.
    Resistant to chemical reaction, acids, salt and alkalis, may safely be used together.
    Low friction losses. Resistant to abrasion.
    Extremely light weight easy to transport & install.
    UV Stabilized, Resistant to ultra violet rays
    Strong tough and long lasting - can be safely used for duration of minimum 50 Years.
    The adhesion is very simple and easy by FUSIOTHERM WELDING. Adhesion is firm and will not effect inner diameter makes the system leak-proof. Maintenance free and easily repairable. Extensive savings in time and labor.

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